Platthaus, a Phoenix Mecano company, designed and manufactured inductor, transformer and filter for network supply.  Our reliable and durable products, both mechanical and manual skills, are used in systems for electrical industry, mechanical engineering and in the field of regenerative energies.  
The product range offer by PLATTHAUS comprises of:
  • Solar – Solar transformer; Transformer-sine filter-unit TFM; Line choke / filer unit DFM
  • Wind Power
  • Water cooling
  • du/dt filter
  • Transformer
  • Sine filter
  • Feed-In Unit
  • Choke
  • Aluminium

Despite its continuous growth, Platthaus has retained its flexibility, allowing continuous adjustment with constantly improving existing technologies to match the requirements of the worldwide markets in an effective manner.

With our complete technology portfolio – especially for line reactors and transformers for solar applications, our working teams are therefore in a position to meet our customers demand fast with individual attention.

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