BOPLA, a Phoenix Mecano company, is the specialist in enclosures with a range of over 25,000 products for electronic components.  BOPLAs’ services include the printing of surfaces, mechanical processing (e.g. for display cut-outs) and the design, manufacturing and fitting of membrance keypads.  Herewith follows is the comprehensive range of products offer by BOPLA :
  • Handheld Enclosures
  • Desktop Enclosures
  • Console Enclosures
  • Wall Keyboards
  • Display Enclosures
  • DIN Rail Enclosures
  • Control Panel Mounting Enclosures
  • Operating Panel Enclosures
  • Terminal Enclosures
  • 19" Enclosures
  • Metal Enclosures
  • Plastic Enclosures
  • Enclosures up to IP40
  • Enclosures with IP54 and better
  • Membrane Keypads
  • Accessories

Everything from one source
Customer only needs to place a single order to BOPLA, unlike otherwise several orders will have to be placed separately for keypads and enclosures, and even to carry out additional processing and assembly works.

Our know-how is our customers’ guarantee of the required fitting accuracy and the optimal suitability of the keypads adhesive layers on the widest range of enclosures surfaces.

The “Everything from one source” solution also means that there are no adaptation problems if the keypads are changed.

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